The Other Timelines are an instrumental surf & spy band based out of the Pacific Northwest. Two members are in Vancouver, BC with another in Bellingham, WA. Jonny has played guitar  in instrumental bands for years, most notably Man or Astro-Man? (as Victor Vector) and Jonny and the Shamen. He also does a decent job ruining drum parts. Sean is a bassist (formerly of The Toga Kings) and the proprieter of Double Crown Records, one of the last remaining labels still concentrating on their particular niche of weirdo music, and based in Bellingham, WA. Hollis has played keyboards in Sound of Humans, a post-punk band she helped found featuring members of Man or Astro-Man?. The band as it is was formed in 2014, with their first EP released on vinyl/cd/cassette in August 2015 on Double Crown Records.


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